A ship made for exploration

Meet the Captain Darwin, a remarkable 12-meter sailboat meticulously crafted for remote exploration. The culmination of a decade of dedication, this exceptional vessel serves as the perfect tool to retrace Darwin’s historic journey by sail. Robust and reliable, it gracefully carries a crew of up to 5 people, navigating the world’s waters with utmost safety. Some even dare to proclaim it the most beautiful boat in the world, a claim that Victor, the passionate captain, gladly lets stand unchallenged!

The ship in a nutshell

Size • The ship measures 40 feet in length and 12 feet in width.

Crew • Accommodating a team of 5 people, each enjoys comfortable sleeping quarters and private storage spaces.

Sails and Engine • Equipped with a mainsail, 5 headsails (including a large genoa), and a reliable 60-horsepower engine, enabling smooth port maneuvers, coastal, and offshore navigation. Additionally, a 5-horsepower outboard tender allows for coastal exploration.

Autonomy • Embracing sustainability, the boat features solar panels and a wind turbine for total energy self-sufficiency. With ample water storage (650 liters), fuel capacity (600 liters), and food reserves (300 kilograms and a spacious fridge), the boat can sail autonomously with its crew for over a month.

Documentary Filming Equipment • Outfitted with state-of-the-art filming tools, the boat houses cameras, sound equipment, drones, underwater housings for underwater shots, and editing computers, facilitating the Captain Darwin documentation mission.

Diving Equipment • Supporting ambitious underwater research programs worldwide, the boat is equipped with 2 bi-bottles of 14 liters for dives up to 50 meters deep. Its thermal compressor ensures the crew’s complete autonomy for diving expeditions.


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