Explore Earth’s biodiversity,
200 years after Darwin.

A sailing expedition

Embark on a historic voyage as we retrace Charles Darwin’s entire journey by sail, unraveling the evolution of biodiversity and landscapes over two centuries.

Engaging scientists and citizens from all nations, we draw captivating parallels between their discoveries and Darwin’s groundbreaking observations from the 19th century.

Our 12-meter steel sailboat sets the stage for an extraordinary 5-year global journey, mirroring Darwin’s original expedition, as we embark from Plymouth in September 2021. Join us as we navigate the world’s waters, unveiling the wonders of our planet along the way.

A world’s first:
Recreating Darwin’s world-spanning
odyssey in its entirety.

A world’s first:
Recreating Darwin’s world-spanning
odyssey in its entirety.

An educational adventure

We are a France-based NGO specialized in environmental education. We strongly believe that reconnecting citizens with biodiversity is vital for a sustainable society. To accomplish this, we share the films and photographic reportages created in the wake of Charles Darwin through the international press, conferences, and online platforms.

Our Youth program takes it a step further by organizing field trips worldwide, enabling children to connect with their local biodiversity. We also arrange video chats between these students and our expedition boat, fostering a connection between their local nature and global environmental issues.

Captain Darwin pioneers innovative environmental education by taking a world trip that connects citizens to their interests: exploring their territory, embracing the globe, and acting for the planet’s health.

Who is Darwin?

Father of the Theary of Evolution, he was the first to explain through science the reason behind Earth’s breathtaking biodiversity.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the awe-inspiring spectacle of nature, where life unfolds in a mesmerizing array of diverse and remarkable forms.

Our strategy for the future:
Sharing biodiversity stories
to foster sustainable behaviors.

We share biodiversity stories
to foster sustainable behaviors.

The team

We are a passionate team of over 30 nature enthusiasts, united by a common purpose: to drive positive change towards a fairer and more sustainable society through environmental education. At the helm of our dedicated management team stand Victor Rault, the founder and captain of the ship, and Julien Raynaud, guiding our impactful educational initiatives with young minds and the wider public.

Victor RAULT
Captain of the ship

Victor founded the Captain Darwin project in 2020. He is an adventurer passionate about biodiversity, responsible for managing the program at sea. His time is spent between wildlife photography, interviewing scientists, navigation and conferences.

Educational Coordinator
Director of Operations

Julien is the operations manager for the Captain Darwin NGO ashore. From our headquarters in France, he puts his passion for environmental education at the service of young people, by coordinating all of our educational activities worldwide.

President of the Captain Darwin NGO

Captain Darwin is a France-based NGO in the field of environmental education with a worldwide impact. Anne is managing the structure.

Nathalie DELLIOU
Head of naturalist field trips

Passionate about Nature, Nathalie is in charge of the consistency of the naturalist field trips that we offer in our Youth Program.

Education Assistant

Sacha works closely with Julien to provide educational activities for the young students involved in naturalist field trips and videoconferences.

The partners

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